International initiatives


The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir in collaboration with trusted International Organisations such as ‘World Vision’ and local faith-based organisations such as Sri Guru Ravidass in Bedford, aim to use our outreach and resources to relieve poverty, sickness and distress in any part of the world as part of our mission.

We look to support as many worldwide emergency disasters as we possibly can. Previous initiatives include; disaster relief in Italy (Amatrice earthquake 2016); The Beirut disaster (2020); and various initiatives in India including Eye Camp.

Eye Camp, India

Between 2013 and 2017, the Bhagwan Valmik Mandir in collaboration with the Sri Guru Ravidass Bedford, held three Medical Eye Camps in India. The purpose of the Eye Camps were to correct the sight of disadvantaged individuals with low or no income to who desperately needed private medical care. Collectively over 1500 people were treated to improve their vision with interventions ranging from simple medicines to a surgical operation. We look forward to working with the medical authorities in providing further eye camps going forward.