Local initiatives


The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir has an established presence in Bedford and have earned a reputation of leading many wonderful local initiatives that bring all community groups together. The Towns’ annual Diwali festival is just one of the examples where BVS lead from the front and bring together all that celebrate The Festival of Lights.

We work with established charities in mental health, well-being, education on faith and spirituality. We reach out to youth counselling, homelessness and empowering marginalised people. With our outreach, we extend the Bedford communities knowledge of the Bhagwan Valmik Community as well as extending our helping hand as far as possible to help those in need.


ACCM (UK) in Bedfordshire and surrounding areas work to tackle health inequalities that impact on minority and disadvantaged members of the community and to support girls and women victims of illegal harmful traditional practices. The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir has over the last few years worked with ACCM, supporting mental health and wellbeing initiatives and providing direct help in supporting people in need. We are currently working with ACCM to supply food packages in families and individuals affected by the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Bedford as One

Bedford As One (BAO) is an initiative to bridge perceived differences between faiths by focussing on similarities and to bring faith leaders together to focus on local issues of concern. The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir has been a long-term supporter of BAO initiatives, providing help and volunteers at learning and education events taking part at Bedford College and the De Montfort University Campus.

Bedford Open Door

Bedford Open Door is a charity providing FREE and confidential counselling to young people aged 13 – 25. Counselling is provided by a team of fully trained, experienced and friendly volunteer counsellors. The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir first worked with BOD in the summer of 2019, BOD being one of our supported local charities on our West Highland Way fundraising walk. We look forward to working with Bedford Open Door in the future.

Bedford Indian Community

Bedford Indian Community (BIC) aims to unite and represent the diverse Indian communities of Bedford. They encourage and promote the Indian heritage, culture, arts and values. BIC have successfully run the annual festival of lights event for the last few years with the help of different community groups based in Bedford. The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir has been instrumental in fostering the growth of BIC, providing material and volunteer support to the organisation throughout and we look forward to supporting BIC in the future.

New Temple Project

Valmiki Temple Bedford is currently undergoing comprehensive expansion plans to cater for our growing community and the variety of services we offer. The outlined area is earmarked for redevelopment.

Punjabi Classes

A Punjabi language and writing class is run by the mandir every Sunday morning. The class teaches a range of age groups at various knowledge levels using supplementary text books as guidance for the classes.

SMART Prebend Bedford

The SMART Prebend Centre (SPB) provides facilities, support and guidance; to relieve rough sleeping and to prevent further homelessness. The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir first worked with SPB in the summer of 2019, SPB being one of our supported local charities on our West Highland Way fundraising walk. We look forward to working with SMART Prebend Bedford in the future.

Womens Social Group

The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir have been proponents of female emancipation in the Valmiki Community and we encourage Women who find it difficult to socialise to joining our numerous events throughout the year which may be held onsite at our Bunyan Road Community Centre or on an evening out to a local restaurant, which the ladies enjoy very much. Ladies nights involve lots of delicious food and dancing the night away.

Yoga Classes For Ladies

The Mandir runs seasonal Yoga classes on a weekly basis for one hour. The classes focus on simple stretching exercises and mental relaxation practises. The attending ladies have found the classes to be very beneficial for their mental and physical wellbeing.

Youth Groups

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YMCA Bedfordshire

The YMCA is a Christian charity seeking to serve the community through its extensive supported accommodation and resettlement work, recreational, educational, faith, schools and outreach work and personal development training. The Bhagwan Valmik Mandir first worked with YMCAB in the summer of 2019, YMCAB being one of our supported local charities on our West Highland Way fundraising walk. We look forward to working with YMCA Bedfordshire in the future.